10 Rich Senior Bachelors/Bachelorettes in Kenya 2019

A senior bachelor/ bachelorette is person that is beyond age 35(for ladies) and 40(for men) and has not yet married/ been married. This does not mean that they don’t have kids though…some do and some do not. Those who do have kids have never married the child(ren)’s mother/father and do not live with them. Our modern society does not discriminate as much as it would have in the olden days and it is therefore very possible for a man to be very comfortable being single all his life even at the age of 60. Here is a compiled list of senior bachelors and bachelorettes in Kenya. Do you agree?

1. Patrick Njoroge

Age: 58 years

Career: CBK Governor

2. Maina Kageni

Age: 44 years

Career: Radio personality (Classic 105)

3. Joshua Oigara

Age: 44 years

Career: K.C.B Bank C.E.O

4. Caroline Mutoko

Age: 46 years

Career: media personality

5. Chris Kirubi

Age: 77 years

Career: Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

6. Kalekye Mumo

Age: 43 years

Career: media personality

7. Sheila Mwanyigha

Age: 40 years

Career: media personality

8. CMB Prezzo

Age: 41 years

Career: Musician

9. Cess Mutungi

Age: 40 years

Career: Former media personality

10. Amani

Age: 39 years

Career: Musician


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