10 Popular Vloggers in Kenya 2019

Creating content on social media is a culture that is being embraced wholly by Kenyans. Watu hupenda udaku so it is with no doubt that when you start a personal vlog with consistency, you are bound to get noticed in Kenya- Fast!

Content creation is a good way to earn money online but i can assure you, this talent is not for everybody.

Here is a compiled list of you tubers in Kenya with good Subscription numbers in relation to how well their content is viewed. It doesn’t mean they are the only ones…these are just my top 10.

 1. Eric Omondi

Vlog type: Comedy

Subscribers: 211,000

2. Njugush

Vlog type: Comedy

Subscribers: 173,000

3. Henry Desagu

Vlog type: Comedy

Subscribers: 138,000

4. Wabosha Maxine

Vlog type: Lifestyle

Subscribers: 79,000

5.Sheila Ndinda

Vlog type: Natural hair journey

Subscribers: 69,000

6. Over 25

Vlog type: Lifestyle & Beauty

Subscribers: 52,000

7. Mandi Sarro

Vlog type: Food Vlog…mostly & Lifestyle

Subscribers: 40,000

8. The Green Calabash

Vlog type: Family Vlog

Subscribers: 38,000

9. The Wajesus Family

Vlog type: Lifestyle

Subscribers: 32,000

10. GreatDay Channel

Vlog type: Comedy

Subscribers: 31,000

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