10 Marketeable Courses in Kenya 2019

We are all aware of the level of unemployment in Kenya and it rises by the day as graduates join the job market. For those planning to join campus or college, I have compiled a course list that has higher chances for you to get a job, soon as you graduate.

As for those who have already graduated, you can shift your energy and learning to this fields either by volunteer/internship programs or by going back to school (which I do not recommend).

PS: You really don’t need to go to campus directly to attain this. You can start small and grow as you perform. So don’t feel heartbroken if you don’t make the university cut!

1. Medicine

This includes pharmacy, nursing, general or specified doctors and surgeons. Although governmental medics strike every once in a while, getting a job in a private hospital is easy and the pay is definitely worthwhile. Medical courses at KMTC are actually very affordable.

2. Aviation

This includes pilots and cabin crew. This course is best studied at the airport schools themselves such as Wilson airport. You are best guaranteed to find a job soon as you graduate. 

3. Statistics

Staticians gather and collect numerical data that organizations need to predict future trends. This means they are very necessary in an organization thus very high chance of acquiring a job.

4. Graphic Designer

You don’t necessarily need a degree to attain this skill but it needs very artistic and creative people. Graphic designers are really sort out in making posters, designing shirts for campaigns and other advertisement materials- a job that is always on demand.

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5. Software Engineering(IT)

You can start your course on the basic low levels if you have an interest in IT, depending on your qualification grades. With the increase use of mobile applications and computer networking in every organization, you are guaranteed to get good job very easily and with a good pay.

6. Electrical Engineering

Let’s face it, if you are reading this it means you have access to electricity and so do millions of other Kenyans. Very often, we need the services of electricians to fix electrical appliances in our houses and if certified by Kenya power, you stand very high chances of getting many contractual jobs. Fundi wa stima hukua na doh usiwadharau!

7. Professional courses

Kasneb related courses such as CPA,CCP, CFA, ACCA and many more have higher chances of landing you a job than a university degree. Let’s all agree that a degree no longer holds much value in Kenya and you need something extra.

8. Urban Planning

The only university I know that teaches this on another level, is Technical University of Kenya. If there is any other, just comment below for more enlightment. This course though needs so much patience and determination and is not for the faint of heart. The best part is you get high paying government contractual jobs that are worth the patience.

9. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are individuals that plan, design and oversee constructions also known in layman terms as “Foreman”. The foreman though needs to have certification for him to be termed as a civil engineer. You may mistake this job for ‘watu wa mjengo’ but if you know how much they make a day and how much the engineer makes?you’d be running to the nearest college to start your course.

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10. Monitoring and Evaluation

The presence of many NGOs in Kenya makes this job very marketeable. Monitoring and evaluation mainly involves improvement of performance in ongoing programs or projects within the organization.


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