10 Birth Control Methods Available in Kenya

They say prevention is better than cure and with the rising number in teenage pregnancy, early marriage and abortions; sex education is key.

It’s a big debate on who will educate the teenagers with e blame game evolving between parents and kids. As the heated debate continues, let me educate you on the available birth control methods here in Kenya.



1. Abstinence

This has become very hard to do in our current society with peer pressure being too much. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you wait for sex after marriage( for both sexes). It is actually what the Bible requires of us. If you’re in a relationship/courtship…try celibate dating. It works!

If you find it hard to abstain well, the next nine methods are for you. Choose one wisely with the recommendation of a Family planning specialist.

2. Condom

This is a very affordable way of birth control. It is even better that we have female condoms and they are readily available. Public universities give them for free and the good quality packs are also very affordable. If you find condoms uncomfortable…read on.

3. Contraceptive Pills

When used correctly, contraceptive pills can be very effective. The pills are either a combination of oestrogen and projestin or just projestin. Although this can backfire on you real quick if you forget to take the pills especially the daily ones. If you are the forgetting type, read on…you will find something for you.

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4. Hormonal patches

Hormonal patches are placed on the skin. Their intention is to deliver certain hormones through the skin. However, this only works if used correctly like the pills above. If you are overweight, this is most definitely NOT the method for you.

5. Injections

DepoProvera is an inject-able form of birth control given after every 3 months. It uses the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy and when used correctly,is very effective. It doesn’t contain estrogen and thus is very safe and convenient provided you keep tabs on your dates.

6. Vaginal Rings

NuvaRing is a flexible plastic ring that is usually inserted and left in the vagina for 3 weeks out of each 4-week menstrual cycle. It contains estrogen and progestin and is highly effective , if used correctly.The biggest benefit is a quick restoration of fertility and lighter periods.The monthly visits to the hospital/ clinic is not for everyone though, so if this is not for you please read on.

7. Intrauterine devices

Similar to the vaginal rings, an IUD is inserted in the vagina, into the uterus. The only difference is that you don’t get to remove it when having your menstrual cycle. It can become very uncomfortable but is very advisable since it does not mess with your hormones. Most women use it especially after giving birth.

8. Implants

Norplant and Implanon are the commly used implantable rods available in our medical facilities. They are planted under skin in the upper arm and release hormones slowly and the body changes are different for everyone thus is very important to consult a medic. They can last you for 5 years and 3 years respectively. This method is highly effective but be ready to deal with the side effects.

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9. Tubal Ligation

This is a tubal This non-surgical method of sterilization involves the placement of a coiled implant into the Fallopian tube which will scar over – blocking the tubes – approximately 3 months after insertion. This is a permanent method advisable to be taken by a woman who has already given birth and wishes to never get pregnant again.

10. Vasectomy

This is a minor surgery done on the man’s vas deferens. After 3 months, there should be no sperm in the fluid a man ejaculates during orgasm. He will need to undergo a semen analysis to ensure that there is no sperm present in the ejaculate. Like the tubal litigation above, this is a permanent method of birth control.

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