Top 10 wealthiest people in Kenya 2019

Kenya is one of the leading countries in East Africa and among the top 3 in Africa with the wealthiest population. Our economic standards are improving but the harsh reality is that the level of corruption is very high. It is actually very sad that the majority of the rich people in Kenya either work in the government or has ever worked in the government at some point in their life.

Here is a compiled list of the people who we think rank as the wealthiest men in Kenya as of 2019.

1. The Kenyattas

They are the first family of Kenya to own large pieces of land and have a massive influence of people. Jomo Kenyatta having being the first president of Kenya, it was obvious that they would acquire wealth for all generations to come. The family owns various huge companies including peponi schools, The Heritage Hotel group, Brookside Dairy, Media max group with stations such as K24, Commercial Bank of Africa among others. Majority of the Kenyattas hold high powerful positions in the government and their approximate as a family is Kshs  150 billion.

2. The Moi(s)

Having been the president of Kenya for 24 years, Daniel Moi was able to acquire an estimated wealth of Kshs 120 billion. Upon his retirement he distributed a chunk of his wealth to his family members owning companies like paradise holdings, transnational bank, standard media group, Sunshine national school, Kabarak high school and University, massive properties in Kenya, London and South Africa among others.

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3. Manu Chandaria

He is the most reputable and influential investor in Kenya, owning a chain of multi-million dollar companies. He invests in new and raw ideas having several incubation centers in universities to encourage young people to venture into entrepreneurship. He is also a board member in several big companies in Kenya controlling companies like Mabati industies and so many more. His estimated networth is Kshs 100 billion.

4. Biwott Family

Popularly known as Total man, the late Biwott was a very vital person during the Moi era. His biography is very interesting showing a huge obsession with his security and not owning a cellphone. As Moi’s right hand man, Biwott acquired a lot of wealth which was distributed amongst his family members after his death estimated to have a networth of Kshs 80 billion. The family owns companies like kenol kobil, yaya center, petrol stations in uganda, air kenya aviation, HZ group of companies in Israel among others.

5. Mwai Kibaki

Reigning after Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki was the third president of Kenya. He is an experienced politician who was able to acquire a desirable amount of wealth during his political days owning massive wealth. He has an estimated net worth of Kshs 60 billion and is a big shareholder in several influential companies in Kenya

6. Chris Kirubi

Being a big business mogul in Kenya, Chris is normally described as the Warren Buffet of Kenya. He has managed to invest in very many companies tapping into young entrepreneurial skills of upcoming businesses. He has major shares in several companies including Nairobi Bottlers, Kenya Airways, Centum investment, two rivers mall, UAP Insurance and KPLC. He owns International house, Haco Tiger Brands, DHL and Capital fm. His estimated wealth is Kshs 40 billion.

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7. SK Macharia

It’s not a big surprise to find Mr. Macharia on this list since his growth has been very visible to us. With Royal Media services as his major backbone, Macharia has been able to accumulate an estimated wealth of Kshs 10 billion. Royal Media earns him an estimated Kshs 5 billion a year with other investments in phone applications such as Viusasa, real estate, banking, agriculture and much more.

8. Raila Odinga

Mr Odinga has a remarkable political reputation having been an opposition leader for many years. Born of the first Kenyan vice president, Jaramogi odinga, Raila has embraced his love for politics and has acquired much along the way. He has an estimated netwoth of Kshs 700 million being a share holder in several companies and owning companies such as Pan African Petroleum industrial services limited, Kisumu molasses plant, East African Spectre limited among others.

9. Jimi Wanjigi

Although it’s not really clear on how he has acquired some of his wealth, Jimi Wanjigi is a tenderpreneur with a manufacturing business known as Tyl limited which no one really knows how it functions. His father served as cabinet minister and kamukunji mp during the moi regime. The family business is known as Kwacha group of companies that is said to have contributed to some of his wealth. His dealings are mainly international and acquires big tenders in the government worth billions of shillings. He is said to have an estimated net worth of Kshs 360 million.

10. William Ruto

He is known to have acquired his wealth gradually with his growth in politics and most of it has so many controversies. He controls a number of assets having major shares in AMACO Insurance, rongai-based Osere flats, YK ’92 lobbying group and is said to own several companies such as Weston hotel, 680 hotel, Orterter entreprises, Oseng properties among others. His estimated net worth is Kshs 300 million.

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