Top 10 travel tips you need to know

Not everyone is a travel enthusiasts and thus some experiences become lessons on the go. Traveling does grow on people especially when they become interested and thus make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. If you’re planning on traveling this year, maybe as a personal goal, for business or for leisure, fear not!

Here’s a compiled list of tips I believe you need to be aware of before you start traveling.

(this is applicable to local tourists planning to ‘tembea’ just in Kenya)

1. Always pack a towel

In as much as many hotels and resorts do provide towels, it is very hygienic and important for you to pack a small towel or a leso with you. You never know when you might need it especially when traveling to unknown locations.

2. Always plan in advance

Budgeting is very important and it only comes in handy when you plan in advance. Traveling can be costly and thus you need to know about pricing first hand to avoid unnecessary spending. Research on the accommodation prices and the meals, traveling expenses and the duration you wish to stay. This will help you tremendously.

3. Buy a small backpack or suitcase

This comes in handy when you’re packing since it limits you to carry only what is necessary. You will be obliged to carry only the things you need during your trip and the travel becomes less bulky.

4. Pack light but take extra socks

There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating the same jeans as long as its dark colored with two or three different tops/t-shirts. You can pass off as having carried plenty with this tip and maybe one ultimately essential outfit if there is a special occasion. Extra socks come in handy when you don’t have a clue about the weather changes in the areas you’re traveling to. Nothing beats the feeling of a pair of fresh socks every time.

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5. Carry a basic first aid kit

Accidents are never planned for but it is better to be safe than sorry. Carry a few band-aids, surgical spirit, antibacterial cream, and ointments for minor cuts and scrapes. You never know when you’re going to need it and you can’t always get it when you travel.

6. Be open to strangers but keep your guard up

Kenyans are becoming more cheeky by the days but not everyone has an ill will towards you. Smile and say hi to people; you never know-you might make new friends. It is okay to keep a health  level of suspicion to avoid being taken advantage of.

7. Don’t be afraid to get lost and ask for directions

It is okay to get lost because you allow yourself to discover new places. You can only get lost once in the same location and this becomes an added advantage to you. Locals are more aware of the regions or if you have a contact to the resort you are going to, ask for directions when you feel you are lost and use a map whenever necessary.

8. Travel mostly during off seasons

Many resorts have deals and offers during off seasons because they do not have many people visiting at those days. You might get good deals for even half the prices during off seasons.

9. Take lots of photos

Beautiful memories made are well imprinted in us when we have something to share about our travels. Photos of places, people and things easily remind you of the great experiences you have had and the many places you have visited especially when you get older.

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10. Become a Local tourist-Kenya is beautiful

Some of us assume that Kenya is not as attractive and that some things are exaggerated. You might be surprised at the many beautiful places around without having to incur a big cost. Places like the national museum, national parks and the like don’t even charge more than Kshs 400. What are you waiting for?



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