Top 10 Things Kenyans Do in the Internet

Top 10 Things Kenyans Do in the Internet


Betting is a big deal nowadays. Sportspesa, the lead betting company in Kenya is even sponsoring the national football League. People have also started their own betting companies and they are doing well too. Sportspesa is ranked position 22. The next most visited is Elitebetkenya followed by Bet365. The allure of winning the jackpot is just too tempting for many people. Coupled with smart market targeting, these companies are raking dough faster than you can finish reading this sentence.

2. Gossip

The most popular gossip site is Kenya Daily Post, which attracts more than 1.5 million monthly views. Standard Media Group owned SDE follows this. The Tsar comes third, since they lean more towards gossip than serious news. This is followed by Trending post, Ghafla and Nation Media owned Nairobi News, which is then followed by Nairobi Wire. The list is long. Others in this category include Tuko, Niaje, Mpasho, Kenyabuzz, and Nairobigossip in that order. Of note, all the top gossip sites Kenyans visit are locally run.

3. Porn

When in groups or alone, most people will turn to looking for X-rated content. We can’s just get enough of seeing people inserting their genitals into each other. In the top 200 websites, there are four porn sites. The most popular site is Xvideos. The site gets more than 1.1 million views every month from Kenya. That is higher than The Star or HELB can dream of. Pornhub is the second most popular followed by XNXX and Youporn. All those are foreign sites meaning that aspiring local investors who do not mind being shunned should really consider producing local content. Among them the popular Kenyan Porn site They post the latest Kenyan porno including the leaked Wajir MCA sextape!

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4. Online Shopping

Established online stores are a major traffic puller. The top most rated is Jumia, which has managed to fill every ad space on the internet with atrocious adverts. Well, their marketing strategy seems to be working because they are ranked at number 9, which is one step ahead of The Standard. The second most popular online store is OLX. Other popular stores in this category include Pigiame, Kilimall,, Lamudi, and Rupu in that order. SBTJapan, a site that allows customers to import cars directly is also popular in this category.

5. Downloading Music And Movies

Downloading Music And Movies

Downloading movies and music is also high on the agenda of many Kenyans. Illegally, of course. Our love for free stuff can only be matched by our love for cutting corners. You don’t expect Kenyans to pay for things like movies when they have other bills to contend with. The top most rated site in this category is, where you can download almost any movie free of charge, illegally. Other popular sites include, Mixcrate, Soundcloud, and Tubidy. It is because of such sites that you can purchase the latest series from your mtaani movie guy at Ksh. 50 bob or 25 bob if you carry your own flash disk. It is also the reason I discourage all my friends from being rappers or musicians. You will never sell more than 50 CDs!!.

6. Top Universities

Kenyans are also spending a lot of time on websites of their universities. That is at least true for top universities. This is perhaps due to universities digitizing many of their operations. For instance, almost all major universities have scrapped manual application for accommodation in preference for online application. Registration for units is also done online. The website with most visits is that of Moi University. The next is University of Nairobi, followed by Thika Road based Kenyatta University.
Kenyaplex is also popular beating other institutions in this category to claim fourth spot. Other institutions in this category include Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Egerton University, Mt Kenya University and Maseno University. Other smaller universities don’t have as much web traffic due to low student population or due to the fact they don’t even have a functional websites.

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7. Jobs

Looking for work is a major pre-occupation after one is through with school. Kenyans are turning to the internet to look for job advertisements. The most popular site in this category is Brightermonday, Careerpoint, Kenyancareer, and Jobwebkenya follow in that order. Apart from looking for job ads, Kenyans are also working online. Some of the most popular online jobs online include internet marketing (over ten sites in the top 200), web and software design is also quite popular with a small group of technically qualified young people. After that, comes blogging services. Blog hosts like WordPress and Blogger are amongst the most popular.

8. Working Online

By a distance, the most popular online hustle is writing. This includes academic writing, article writing, and business-related writing. Most writers work for foreign companies. Some of the companies that made it to the list include freelancing, iwriter, Homework Market, Job Rapido, and Upwork.

9.Reading News

Sometime back, people actually used to buy newspapers in hard copy format. If you are wondering what a newspaper looks like, I am sorry I can’t help you, because I also don’t know. I read news just like everybody else I know, online. News websites are massively popular in Kenya. The most popular is Daily Nation’s site. This is followed by Standard’s site, Citizen TV’s site is also popular, followed closely by Business Daily. The other homegrown sites in this category include Techweez, whose niche is tech news, and Softkenya, which is an encyclopedia-like site.

10. Government Services

Many government departments are taking their services online. Top ranked websites include everyone’s least favorite department, KRA, ranking at no 16. HELB is the next most popular government site due to the high need for financial assistance when pursuing higher education. The government human resource management platform,, also ranks high. Others include the recently launched e-citizen website. Notably, two sites related to the teaching career, and are also pulling a lot of traffic.

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