List of Most Frequented Mobile Money Lending Apps In Kenya

Money lending apps have become increasingly popular in Kenya. At least three out of five smartphone user has a mobile money lending app, just a touch away. Unlike financial institutions, accessing loans through these apps is very convenient for a busy mwananchi who does not have the luxury of time.

Loans come in handy especially when you have an emergency or when caught in a tight spot. The apps are able to process loans within a couple of minutes and the terms are fixed depending on the loan history of the customer.

1. Tala

Formerly known as Mkopo rahisi, tala has grown to be one of the biggest mobile lending companies in Kenya. To qualify for a loan from tala, you must first download the app from play store and link it to your Facebook account. For a first time application, the minimum qualification is Kshs 500. The terms are tailored to each customer thus the interest rate and payment period differ.

2. Branch

Similar to Tala, you will need to download the app from playstore and link it to your facebook account. As long as you are an active mpesa user, you can qualify for a loan. Branch is more diverse since they allow you to pay your loan in installments of two months. For a new user, the minimum you can qualify for is Kshs 700.

3. Mshwari (m-pesa)

Unlike the other apps, you don’t need to have a smart phone or download any app from playstore. Safaricom checks your mpesa transactions and they decide the credit limit you access. Great repayment could lead to an access of upto Kshs 70,000 loan limit.

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4. K.C.B M-pesa

KCB bank and Safaricom teamed up to launch the KCB mpesa service. You don’t need to have an account with the bank since they use your mpesa transaction data to determine the amount you qualify for and repayment services.

5. Eazzy Loan (Equity Bank)

Eazzy loan was launched by Equity bank to make it easier and more convenient for its customers. You must have an account with Equity, download the equity app from play store and be a frequent saver. This will help determine the amount you receive and the terms of repayment.

6. Saida

Unlike most mobile lending apps, Saida requires you to save some money with them before you can qualify for any loan. The terms and rates are tailor made for every client thus there is no similarity. It takes a while to qualify for a loan and the maximum you can access is Kshs 25000.

7. Haraka loan (getbucks)


Haraka is a micro loan application service that lends money between Kshs 500 and Kshs 5000. To access the loan, you are required to download the app from play store and link it to your Facebook account. You are then required to fill in personal details and wait for approval. A new applicant qualifies for a minimum of Kshs 500 and it does take a long time for you to reach the Kshs 5000 credit limit.

8. Zidisha

This lending app is a little bit different from other lending application. You are required to download the application from play store and fill in the information required. The platform enables small lending transactions between web users and low-income entrepreneurs. After creating your profile, you are expected to describe the nature of your business, desired loan amount, and preferred repayment period.The details are then checked by Zidisha staff and if the application is approved, first-time applicants are expected to pay Ksh. 1000 processing fees.

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9. Fadhili

This application is also different from the first few lending apps. You download the application from app store and fill in your information. You are then required to apply for a loan (minimum limit being Kshs 300), state when you wish to repay the amount and wait for approval. However for your account to be active you will need to pay an annual fee of Kshs 350.

These are the most relevant mobile lending apps i could find. The rest either have suspicious customer service or just have red flags and a lot of negative ratings. Which app works for you?


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