Best Cinemas to Watch Movies in Nairobi

Best Cinemas to Watch Movies in Nairobi

Going to the cinema is a really fun experience when you are out on a date, out with the family or you just want to be alone and enjoy some big screen experience. The cinema industry is Kenya is hard to penetrate but some companies have managed to grasp some loyal customers. This is due to the high movie piracy rate in the country which makes movies so cheap. So where are the best cinemas located?

1. I-MAX

It is on the 20th Century Plaza located along Mama Ngina Street in the CBD of Nairobi. This is the most popular cinema joint in the city due to its central location plus a great movie experience. It offers the latest movies at various times of the day from early morning till past midnight so even if u work all day you have no excuse for not having a chance to watch a movie here. The downside is they at times lack a variety of movies hence one movie can replayed over and over for a couple of weeks. Movies go for around sh800-sh1,300 for adults and sh500-sh700 for students.

Garden City IMAX located at the Garden City Mall on Thika Road is the new and more popular IMAX joint with shows ranging from Bollywood Movies to the latest Hollywood blockbusters. You can also book tickets online from Pata Hapa

2. Century Cinemax

This cinema is located at the Junction Mall along Ngong’ Road in Nairobi. It has the widest variety of movies and the place is rarely crowded. They offer 2D and 3D movies plus they have around 4 screens. Snacks are available in large quantities. It’s definitely a cinema that will keep you coming for more due to its presence of being in a huge mall. Movies cost around sh600 per person.

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3. Fox Cineplex Sarit Centre.

Owned by Fox Group, it is located in Westlands at another huge mall in Nairobi, Sarit Centre. The place offers a variety of movies in their modern theaters. The mall is usually full of people so parking space can be a problem at times. It is very near a large variety of restaurants so you can grab a bite before or after the movie. If you have extra cash there are lots of shopping areas in the mall.

4. Showbiz Africa Ltd Cinema

It is the premier 7D cinema hall in Nairobi. 7D takes you into the story by experiencing environmental effects therein. The seats are designed to match the movements on screen. This cinema is located in Thika Road Mall along Thika Road.

5. Anga Sky Cinema

It is the latest addition to movie theatres in Nairobi. Anga Sky Cinema is located in Panari Hotel along Mombasa Road. It has two movie halls each hosting 206 people. It also has 8 VIP sofas and it is open all week long. Movies to see here include Hollywood, Kenyan, Bollywood and European releases.

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